Under Floor Heating Wakefield

MPS Electrical are a specialists at underfloor heating that specialise in all types of under floor heating.  We can install under tile heating and under laminate & carpet under floor heating systems in Wakefield to residential dwellings, Commercial & Industrial building throughout Wakefield and Nationwide.

Electric Under floor Heating in Wakefield for Film For Wood And Laminate Flooring installations in wakefield by MPS Electrical Ltd.

Carbon film warm under floor heating film is specifically designed for use under laminate, engineered board and solid wood flooring with a maximum thickness of 15mm (or thickness equivalent to a maximum thermal resistance of 0.15m²K/W).

The principle of Carbon warm under floor heating film is based on a continuous resistive sheet providing heat evenly over the black surface, heating areas. Carbon warm consists of a specially formulated, semi-conductive medium, coated onto polyester film. Power is fed to this resistive coating by way of copper electrodes that are fixed to the longitudinal edges of the heating areas. This structure is insulated by a lamination of polyester based films that totally cover the element and is wider than the conductive heating area: the resulting heating film has an overall thickness of less than 0.5mm.

Low temperature, Carbon floor heating elements, produce a gentle radiant heat that evenly warms the entire room. Once the surfaces have been warmed, the heat is reflected, resulting in comfortable, natural warmth with minimum floor to ceiling temperature variation.

MPS have been installing under floor heating in Leeds since 2004, we offer a design service at no extra cost and our expertise as your appointed contractor for the works in your business premises, commercial environment or residential home.


Electric Under Floor Heating Elements for Tiled / Wooden Sub Frame / Concrete Floors In Wakefield.


Whether under floor heating is in your conservatory, bathroom or your kitchen, tile, stone and slate finish floors have traditionally been beautiful finishes to a floor but have also been very cold surfaces to live with.

Unfortunately traditional forced air heating systems did little to ease the temperature on these floorings. With modern electric under floor radiant heating this is no longer the case. By laying heating cables underneath the tiles the floor can be warmed up to a comfortable temperature.

While wooden floors are usually warmer than tile or stone floors it had until relatively recently been considered unwise to combine under floor heating with any form of wooden / timber flooring. Fortunately this has now changed with the introduction of a special heating element.

The elements can be as thin as 3mm so will keep the overall sub level of the floor to a minimum thus avoiding a step affect.

If you are wondering what the temperatures are like on bare feet then I can tell you from personal experience as I have both systems in my home, in the kitchen carbon elements on a insulation board laid on a concrete screed floor finished with 8mm laminate floor gives a 28 degree temperature to touch on the feet.

In my bathroom I have the lose wire system sealed in screed on timber ply, the finished tile id a 10mm stone, this gives a temperature of 23 degrees.

So there you have it, and or either if you require under floor heating in Wakefield so get in touch and we will discuss both systems and which is best for you.

Recent Underfloor Tile Heating Installation in Wakefield.

Recently this month (December) WakefieldElectrical undertook this under floor heating installation in Wakefield, take a look at this underfloor tile heating installation which we installed on a wooden sub floor.

This heating system generated 200 watt per square meter of coverage with a specially designed under floor heating element that goes on a sealed timber sub frame. 

MPS Electrical the number on electricians in Wakefield then carefully calculated the size of the room and designed a special under floor heating lose wire system that fits to the sub fame before being sealed over with screed and tiled on top of.

The end result, Tiled Underfloor Heating system in Wakefield which warms the entire room up a treat and less than 1200 watts of power.

Stunning look using Travertine thick tiles, the end result is a warm room and warm feet.

Running costs of under Floor Heating

The running costs associated with Carbon film can be related directly to the floor heat-up times. A well-insulated sub-floor will significantly reduce heat losses, improve heat-up times & reduce running costs. Even on insulated floors (concrete or wood) a minimum of 5mm of thermal insulation is highly recommended and should be used in conjunction with Carbon film to improve the performance of the under floor heating.

A 12m² floor, in a room fitted with a minimum 5mm of thermal insulation on top of an insulated concrete sub-floor, would cost approximately 7p* per square metre, per day, to run. This is based on the heating system being on twice a day for a 2hr and 5hr period respectively. This assumes a 50% duty cycle once the floor has reached temperature and assumes a cost of 8.0p per Kwh.

*Cost estimate given is an approximation and is given for illustration purposes only. Running costs will vary depending on temperature settings, length of time heating system is set to run and overall heat losses (U Value) in individual rooms.