Fuse Box Replacements Wakefield

All circuits within the board have to have a earth core present in the cable for the consumer unit to be replaced, you often find older properties don't have the earth in the lighting cable.This means the lighting circuit within the home needs rewiring to ensure a earth point at all lights and switches.  The consumer unit cannot be replaced as per regulations if the circuits do not have a earth as the electrician needs to commission the circuit and a earth is vital.

We are qualified Electrical Inspectors to the highest standard City & Guilds 2391, we are trained to ensure your safety and install to the 17th edition wiring regulations to which we are qualified for.

We can upgrade your mains distribution for a fixed affordable price.  All circuits have to be tested and will be inspected to make sure all is in good working order.  Wakefield will then issue a certificate which has to be a Electrical Installation Completion Certificate accompanied with a schedule of test results and a schedule of inspections.

If you have a replacement mains board then it must be accompanied with a Electrical Completion certificate.

This will have a schedule of inspections & a schedule test results along with a front page that the Inspector signs.

No certificate, Not done properly.