Electrical Inspection & Testing Wakefield

MPS Electrical Ltd conduct fixed wire testing in Residential, Commercial & Domestic properties.

It is formally called a Electrical Installation Condition Report and forms part of the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations as installation testing.

The purpose of a EICR is to check the property is suitably safe in its electrical state for continued use.

Not all Electricians can carry out a EICR check, they should have passed further Electrical Exams and be registered with a governing body. All issued EICR certificates should have a reference number on them which is the electricians governing body so do check.

Now there are 4 requirements depending on the building and use that dictate the test interval.

  • Normal Residential - 10 years test interval

  • Rented residential - 5 Years test interval

  • Industrial - 3 Years test interval

  • Commercial - 5 years test interval

When you contact electrical companies for a quotation the cheapest electrical EICR quotation is not always the best, this is is because they are not actually testing 100% of the property and all its circuits, cutting corners to make the quotation look more lucrative and cheaper than another electrical firm that is conducting 100% of the tests.

There is little point having an inspection if it does inspect 100% of the wiring and accessories installed, A section on the certificate mentions agreed limitations, this is for areas which cannot be tested due to access or working day restrictions that would affect the business. More and more i am seeing on other firms certificates the words LIM used to get out of testing something awkward or blatantly cut corners as they have under cut another electrical firm to get the work and are not completing all the required tests.

A general rule of thumb is this, if your property is subject to a 3,5 or 10 year fixed wire test, this means a 100% is required to be completed without circuits being left untested, this is because if the untested circuits catch fire and burn the place down then you will be left to answer so awkward questions to your insurance company when they choose not to pay out!, trust me i have seen this in real life on a factory.

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